A Hopeful Beginning

Recently I was contacted by Every Day Optimal CBD to test some of their products. They had found me through my blog! Maybe I only have 9 followers, but yay, my words reached people. Maybe there are more of you out there than I think reading my words and hearing my message.

Initially, I was skeptical. Why would they want me? There are many more bloggers with larger audiences, but most of my writing is published on other sites. Maybe they saw that, too. Then I checked the company out, and saw an attractive, streamlined looking website at Every Day Optimal CBD   and had a lovely email chat with a social media manager and decided there was nothing to lose.

Oh, what I had to gain, though. Fighting MS, anxiety, and many different types of migraine and headache, along with a few other chronic conditions has been making life a challenge. It’s a lot extra to handle in addition to the regular hurdles of life. I’d heard of CBD oil, but didn’t know much about it.

Sure, I emailed back to the company. I’ll give it a try. I’ll write a lovely review for you. It didn’t have to be positive if that’s not how I felt about it, but I was excited, and hopeful for relief. The package  arrived containing a bottle of 25 mg full spectrum CBD capsules and 1000 mg CBD oil tincture.

I didn’t know what to do with the products due to a lack of directional information, but the company was quick to remedy that when I brought it to their attention. They added a highly informative FAQ section. Originally, I had to do some online research to figure out to shake the bottle and hold it in my mouth a bit first. Maybe I should be taking the capsules at the same time, to get maximum benefit, but I don’t know. I’m feeling like I should stick with just the oil for now, both for the results I’ve gotten in my little over a week using it and for my products to last longer.

Oh, the results! Of my many chronic health issues, migraines and anxiety are the most pesky- the ones I’d get rid of first, given the chance. I have not had a migraine since starting the oil. I’ve had dull achy headaches, and one incoming migraine. I decided to forgo my normal migraine rescue meds that rarely worked anyway and try some more of this oil instead, and it worked! It worked, y’all!

There have been some rather intense family issues that have been a giant road block lately. I have loads of anxiety and panic attacks without the extra-ness my family adds. The CBD tincture has taken the panic factor out of my anxiety. The things that trigger my anxiety still trigger it, but I can talk myself through it much easier now. I hope this continues with more time.

The tincture has also helped with spasms from my MS, but done little for the pain level in my legs, weirdly. Maybe that will change with the addition of the capsules.

Going into this I had fairly low expectations. Nothing my doctor has given me for my migraines has ever helped more than very temporarily- this has already worked longer in the migraine department, and I’m not drugged like with the other stuff. My success with the tincture has been a pleasant adventure on the normally bumpy ride that is chronic illness.

I only get the helpful benefits without the high, or feeling drugged. These products do not have the THC that causes marijuana’s high. Hopefully the benefits I’m getting will continue. Stay tuned!

Every Day Optimal CBD has a variety of products including the tincture I am currently using, the capsules, gum, and intriguingly, gummy bears. Please check out their website for more, and to order. I know I will!

Edited to add that several weeks later in the process and I have added the capsules and it has for sure improved the benefits I’m seeing. I have had two full on migraines, but I had been having at least two a week. The benefits to my anxiety has been outstanding, as well. Prescription meds had not been offering me much relief.


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